Planning & Zoning

Overview and Welcome

The Waseca County Planning and Zoning office is located in the East Annex building 300 N State Street, Waseca and is across the street from the Courthouse.

The mission of the Waseca County Planning & Zoning Department is to provide solution oriented services to the community. This mission is implemented through the application of professional skills, and the adoption of plans and standards to facilitate the growth of the local economy, enhance the quality of life, and preserve the natural environment for current and future generations.

Planning & Zoning administers land use and zoning ordinances for rural portions of Waseca County. Some of the land use regulations include feedlots, individual sewage treatment systems, subdivision, floodplains and shoreland. Permits commonly handled by this office are zoning permits, septic system permits, variance requests, rezoning requests and conditional use permits.

The County's Feedlot Officer and Agricultural Inspector assists feedlot operators and farmers, administers commercial pesticide applicator tests, promotes enforcement of the state's noxious weed law, and performs seed inspections.

According to MN Statute, Planning & Zoning also coordinates and administers the County's Comprehensive Water Plan, develops and implements strategies to protect and enhance shoreland and overall water quality, and administers the Natural Resource Block Grant (NRBG) funds.

The department maintains addresses, street naming, and numbering county-wide for the E-911 system.

The department also works on economic development and redevelopment plans and programs of the County. The department administers the State of Minnesota's Agricultural Best Management Practices loan program (AGBMP) for Waseca County.