Sheriff's Office


What We Do

The Sheriff's Office of Waseca County is an integral part of the county's system of justice. As the chief law enforcement authority in the county, the sheriff is charged with the duty to serve and protect our county residents, as well as the peace of his county.

Overview of Services

To fulfill this responsibility, the Sheriff's Office renders many services to the residents of Waseca County. Among these are general patrols to help prevent crime and investigations of crimes and accidents in cooperation with the Waseca County Attorney's Office. Searching for missing persons, patrolling lakes with boat patrol in summer months, and snowmobile patrol in winter months are part of these patrols. The Sheriff's Office also acts in the serving of warrants, commitments, and court orders. The Sheriff's Office processes orders of the court as they relate to civil litigation and other legal process.

Court & Jail Services

The Sheriff's Office is also responsible for court security, maintaining the safety of judges and jurors, and ensuring security and proper restraint of prisoners in the courtroom, as well as transportation of prisoners.

Waseca County maintains a jail, which can hold up to 25 inmates. The jail is located on the main floor of the security building.