GIS Information

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The mission of Waseca County’s Office of Geographic Systems (GIS) is to develop, implement and maintain geographically based information for county departments, other local governmental bodies, private companies, and the general public. This office is located in the East Annex building, across from Waseca County Courthouse.

Some of the specific responsibilities of the GIS Office are:

  • Maintaining Waseca County’s parcel map
  • Map production
  • Addresses maintenance for the E911 rural addressing system
  • Plat book production and maintenance
  • Maintaining the GIS internet-based services
  • Maintenance of all geo-spatial information

The goal of the Waseca County GIS is to provide the necessary tools to help make informed decisions, reduce duplication of duties and to increase productivity for anyone working with geographic information. In the Interactive GIS Map system you will find Parcel Data such as the legal description, value information, tax information, special assessments, receipts, unpaid tax and tax history. You can search by parcel number (PIN) or E911 address.


GIS Data

Waseca County has adopted a formal policy establishing Free & Open sharing of county GIS data. Waseca County's digital GIS data can be found on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons.  Data can be downloaded in ESRI format (Shapefile, FGDB) or Google Earth format (KML/KMZ).  Please contact the GIS Department to acquire datasets not found on the commons.


This information is not a replacement for a survey. If you have property boundary issues, you are advised to contact a private licensed land surveyor and obtain an official survey of the property in question.


Waseca County does not guarantee the accuracy of this material and is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of this information or its derivatives. This data comes from a variety of sources with varying levels of accuracy. For this reason, overlaps and gaps exist with some of the map layers.