Ministerial & Notary Filings

Ministerial Credentials

There are two types of marriages in Minnesota. One being the civil ceremony which is performed by the individuals authorized through the courts. Second being a religious ceremony which is performed by ministers of any religious denomination. Before a minister is authorized to perform marriages within Minnesota, they must file their "credentials of license or ordination" with a local registrar within the state of Minnesota.

For religious denominations who do not require their officiates to be ordained or licensed (such as the Amish) - statute allows a "letter of authorization" from their church leaders authorizing that individual to perform marriages for their spiritual assembly.

It is suggested that the original document (ordination or letter authorizing) be submitted to the office for the local registrar to make a copy of that original and attach it to the Certificate of Filing. The submitter needs to read and sign the "certificate of filing". Only original signatures are accepted, not copies of a signed certificate filing.

As of 8/1/09, a person must be 21 years or older to perform marriages in Minnesota.

Notary Commission Registration

To become a Notary Public, you must first go through the MN Secretary of State by visiting their website at or call (651) 296-2803. Once you receive your notary commission, you must record your notary commission certificate at the county seat of residence.

Recording your Notary Public Certificate

You must record your Minnesota Notary Public Commission in person if you are a Waseca County resident.

You will need:

  • Minnesota Notary Commission Certificate
  • $20 fee, payable to Waseca County License Bureau
  • A driver's license

Make check payable to the Waseca County License Bureau. You may pay by CASH or PERSONAL CHECK only. We currently do not accept credit or debit cards.

After your commission is recorded, we will return the notary public commission certificate with a certification stamp on the backside with a receipt.