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The Waseca County Unified Development Code (UDC) was adopted in August of 2009. The UDC combines the Waseca County’s zoning, subdivision, shoreland, sign, adult use, feedlot and other requirements relating to land use into one document. The UDC includes the Zoning Map for Waseca County.

Information regarding setbacks, accessory structures, and other standards is also contained in this ordinance. The County Zoning Office has zoning jurisdiction in all of the townships in Waseca County.

For zoning information within city limits please call the individual cities of Janesville, New Richland, Waldorf and (City of) Waseca.

Zoning Permits are required for all new construction and most remodeling, alteration and repair work in Waseca County. A number of specific items need to be submitted with an application for a zoning permit. Building setbacks vary between zoning districts. Please call this department with a location of your building site, the number or name of the road, the legal description (i.e. Section, Township and Range numbers, or plat name) if you desire more complete information on specific zoning districts, such as side or rear yard setbacks, or see the UDC Zoning Ordinance. (link under Zoning). Shoreland areas in Waseca County are classified into different categories, and have differing setbacks, minimum lot sizes, frontage requirements. An Erosion Control or Land Alteration Permit is needed for projects that disturb a total land surface area of 3,000 square feet or more; or involve excavation or filling, or a combination of excavation and filling, in excess of 400 cubic yards of material; or involve the laying, repairing, replacing, or enlarging of an underground utility, pipe or other facility, or the disturbance of a road ditch, grass swale or other open channel for a distance of 300 feet or more.

The County does not issue electrical permits or inspect or regulate electrical work. The Minnesota State Board of Electricity should be contacted at (651) 284-5064 if you are doing your own wiring. Please contact the State Electrical Inspector in this area for electrical inspections, Steven Kletschka (507) 334-3450

General contractors are required to have a State License from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. You may contact them at (651) 284-5034 with questions, or visit their website www.dli.mn.gov

A Building Permit from the City of Waseca is also required (in addition to a Zoning Permit from Waseca County) for all residential construction within two miles from the City limits. Please contact the City of Waseca at (507) 835-9742 for more information.