AluminumMUST be rinsed and clean. Pop cans, tin foil, foil pans, beer cans, cat food cans, tuna cans, small juice cans, etc. We accept aluminum cans, but we do not buy them.
CardboardBoxes, cereal boxes, pop cases, shoes boxes, paper bags, etc.; boxes DO not need to be
flattened, but they must be clean.
GlassClear and colored glass
MagazinesAll glossy inserts, advertising flyers, coupon sheets, catalogs, ANY GLOSSY PAPER.
NewspaperNewsprint ONLY, no glossy inserts or advertisements.
Office paperTyping paper, school papers, computer paper, envelopes, junk mail, file folders, notebook paper, etc. NO: Clips of any kind, rubber bands, binders must be removed, paper only.
Phone booksDirectories, paperback books, regular books with the hard cover and binder REMOVED.
Plastic#1: Soft drink bottles (clear & green tinted) and see-through plastic containers with the
recyclable triangle with a "#1" on the bottom of the container.

#2 Colors: Coffee, shampoo, syrup, laundry detergent, fab softener, containers, etc.

#2 Milk jug plastic: Milk jugs or white opaque, water jugs, vinegar jugs, some dish soap bottles.

#3-#7: Must have recycling triangle on bottom with numbers in the triangle.
IF recycling 5 gallon buckets, metal handles off.
NO: Hangers, oil containers, mugs, cups, plastic bags, bubble wrap, plastic silverware.
TinMUST be rinsed and clean. It is not necessary to crush or remove the labels.

Unacceptable items for Recycling

Bubble pack

Candle jars

Dinner wares

Drinking glasses

Flower pots

Light bulbs

Make-up jars


Packing peanuts

Perfume bottles

Plastic bags

Plastic film

Plastic toys

Solid white glass


Water softener bags

Window panes