Hiring Process

How to Apply

Apply for a job at Waseca County using the following process

  1. Go to the list of Job Opportunities
  2. Click on the job title from the list
  3. Click "Download Application"
  4. Applications can be submitted by email, mail or in person.

Additional Information

  • Positions are open until position is filled. However, the first review date of applications is posted for each position.
  • Incomplete applications may be rejected.
  • Include all relevant education and experience and at least three professional references.
  • The most recent application will be used when more than one application by the same applicant for the same position is received.

Selection & Hiring Process

  • Applications will be reviewed after the posted review of applications date.
  • The information you provide is used as a basis for comparison with other individuals applying for the position.
  • It is important that you provide complete and concise information on your application materials to be considered for positions for which you qualify.
  • All Waseca County jobs have minimum qualifications that must be met.
  • Applicants with the most appropriate education and experience for the position are considered for interviews.
  • Waseca County will email notices relating to your job application. Be sure to check your email regularly after submitting an application as Waseca County may contact you by email or by phone for interviews. We will use the email address that is on file with us to send instructions on how to schedule an interview. Remember to check your spam filter and "Junk" email folders as well as incorrectly marked as SPAM by some SPAM filters.
  • All offers of employment are conditional pending successful completion of all required pre-employment checks. These conditions of employment may vary by position and department.
  • All benefit earning new employees are required to attend new employee orientation. Human Resources will notify you by email with benefit information and documents that need to be completed prior to your first day of employment.
  • All new employees are required to provide documents for verifying legal authorization to work in the United States.

Background Check

  • Once a conditional offer of employment has been extended, applicants will be required to complete a background check for their position.
  • Applicants will be notified as part of their hiring process of any documents and forms that will be required, including when they are needed and who should receive them.
  • A conviction is not an automatic disqualification from employment. Each conviction is reviewed based on how recent it was and how it may relate to the position.
  • An applicant who discloses a conviction that is determined to be related to the job duties of the position will receive notice and the conditional offer of employment will be rescinded.

Driver's License Check

  • A driver's license check will be conducted as part of the conditional offer of employment, when having a satisfactory driving record and/or valid driver's license is a requirement of a position.

Drug Testing

  • Anyone who is offered a position in a safety-sensitive position is required to take and pass a drug test.
  • If you are offered a position, you will be informed by Human Resources that you must schedule a drug test.
  • Waseca County employees moving from a non-safety-sensitive position to a safety-sensitive position must take this test as well.
  • If you are hired in a position where you must carry a commercial driver's license (CDL), you are covered by federal Department of Transportation regulations for drivers with CDLs.

Psychological Evaluations

  • Some positions require psychological testing and a meeting with a psychologist to review the tests before starting a new position.
  • If you are offered a position that requires testing, you will be informed by Human Resources that testing must be completed prior to starting the position.
  • The evaluation and its review will be completed before the start date of the new position.