Is the Sheriff's Office Hiring?

All licensed officer positions will be posted on the MN Post Board Website in addition to the Waseca County Website. Non-licensed positions will be posted on the employment section of the Waseca County Website and may be published in the authorized newspaper for Waseca County.

Where Can I Get a Burn Permit?

Can I Burn Garbage in Waseca County?

No. You cannot burn garbage in Waseca County. All residences within the cities and the county can contract for trash pickup and are no longer allowed to burn trash.

What Can I Burn in Waseca County?

Currently you are only allowed to burn brush and unpainted or unstained wood.

How Can I Get a Permit to Purchase a Handgun or Get a Permit to Carry a Handgun?

You must fill out the application form available on our website and drop it off in person at the Administrative Office of the Waseca County Sheriff accompanied by any applicable fee.