Pesticide/CAWT Testing & Noxious Weeds

MN Department of Agriculture Applicator Licenses

MN State statute requires individuals to have a valid license in order to purchase restricted use pesticides or when applying pesticides for hire.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) administers the pesticide licensing program.   MDA also regulates companies, site managers, and applicators that manage or apply manure for-hire that are required to obtain a Commercial Animal Waste Technician (CAWT) license.  Waseca County assists in both licensing programs and provides testing services for commercial, noncommercial, and structural pesticide applicator licenses as well CAWT licenses.  Both paper/pencil and electronic testing options are available.   The electronic option has a $25 per test/category fee.  Please call Brian Zabel at 507-835-0652 to schedule an exam.

Noxious Weeds

The Minnesota Noxious Weed Law, Minnesota Statutes, chapter 18, section 18.75 to 18.91, was enacted to protect the state’s residents from the injurious effects of noxious weeds on public health, the environment, public roads, crops, livestock, and other property.  

Prohibited noxious weeds are annual, biennial, or perennial plants that have been designated as having the potential or are known to be detrimental to the previously mentioned categories.  There are two regulatory listings for prohibited noxious weeds in Minnesota.  The "prohibited-eradicate noxious weeds" category includes noxious weeds that must be eradicated on all lands within the state.  The "prohibited-control noxious weeds" category includes noxious weeds that must be controlled on all lands within the state.  At a minimum, these species must be controlled in a way that prevents spread of these species by seed or vegetative means.

The "restricted noxious weeds" category includes noxious weeds and their propagating parts that may not be imported, sold, or transported in the state, except as allowed by permit

The "specially regulated plants" category includes noxious weeds that may be native species or nonnative species that have demonstrated economic value, but also have the potential to cause harm in non-controlled environments.  Species-specific management plans or rules that define the use and management requirements for these plants must be developed by the commissioner of agriculture for each plant designated as specially regulated.

County Noxious Weeds are plants that are designated by individual county boards to be enforced as prohibited noxious weeds within the county’s jurisdiction and must be approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture, in consultation with the Noxious Weed Advisory Committee.  Waseca County currently has 12 plant species listed on its County Noxious Weed list.  

Complete noxious weed lists can be viewed at the following links:

Please contact the Waseca County Ag Inspector with any noxious weed questions:

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